About Üs

 CEO Hozea Massiah is a well known and respected entrepreneur in today's "FAM" Fashion, Arts, & Music industry. 
Hozea Massiah captivated the world's attention with his popular clothing brand "DRUGS" turning the well known Negative word into a Positive Movement
"Do Right U Gain Success"

Hozea Massiah, also has a kids fashion line "Kandy Youth" Kids Love Kandy and also "Gorgeous Gangsters" a clothing brand that has become a "Everyday" lifestyle.
DRUGS, KANDY YOUTH, and GORGEOUS GANGSTERS is all under one umbrella "DRUGS HOUSES" created by HOZEA MASSIAH ............

CEO Hozea Massiah, is a 18 year Cancer Survivor, and is currently fighting Diabetes.
With Hozea Massiah's Creativity, Determination, and Enthusiasm he will continue to produce different lines of fashion that keeps people Looking and Feeling good. Hozea Massiah has created a New Addiction and Lifestyle that has reached different genres across the world.

DRUGS is the Face of Fashion, Art, & Music for the Present and the Future


Do Right U Gain Success